From the Man who was named one of the 20 best
male game voice actors of all time by IMDB...

"How to break into and succeed in the fun and lucrative world of voice acting for video games"
(Learn a step by step system to make it in this challenging field)
Dear VO Friend,

If you’ve always wanted to learn the secrets of how to do voices for video games, you’ve come to the right place!

It’s a great “niche” within the voice over world.
It’s fun, lucrative and challenging.
BUT, very few people know how to even get started . . . much less SUCCEED!

Until NOW! (Drum roll please)

My name is Dave Fennoy. About a month ago I held an event at a well known studio in the L.A. area. And, we recorded all of it!

Here’s a little bit MORE about me:
  • Voice Actor on more than 160 games
  • Nominated 5 times for best performance in a video game including a BAFTA. (British Academy of Film and Television Arts)
  • Winner of Dice and Machinima Awards for “Best Performance” in a video game.
  • Voice Arts Awards for Video Game Reel.
  • Named one of the 20 best male game voices of all time by IMDB.
Hear from People Who Were at a Recent Event!
Suffice it to say, I know “a little bit” about how this works!
I’d like to show you how YOU can get into the business and increase your chances for success.
On a Pre-Event Friday evening One time we Covered:

On Video you’ll learn the story of my voice over career and answer your questions about a career in voice-over. You learn…

  • That where you are, I have been.
  • The kinds of obstacles I had to overcome and how I did it.
  • Examples of the kind of commitment it takes to find success.
  • “Fennoyisms” or my philosophy and technique for voice over.
  • I’ll share not only the highlights, but the low points and mistakes in my career so that you can learn from them… and hopefully not repeat them.
  • And I’ll open the floor for an hour long Q&A and discussion about our industry.
What Others Are Saying About Dave and This Training:
"Highly Recommended!” Aside from his ability to make the art and craft of Voice Acting for Games, that ‘right stuff’ needed to create vivid and unforgettable characters, uniquely clear and accessible to his students, Dave Fennoy is a charismatic, dynamic, unforgettable character himself! This workshop is... SO MUCH FUN!!!

Abby Elvidge, Voice Actor/Narrator/Coach
In This Collection of Videos You’ll Learn:

I’ll share the story of my voice over career and answer your questions about a career in voice-over. You learn…

  • My background and what YOU can learn from it
  • Interactive Entertainment Business numbers and why this matters to you.
  • Industry then... Industry now... Industry future
  • Who plays these games anyway? Why does this matter to YOU?
  • Your place in the industry as a voice actor.
  • What about the union? What’s changing?
  • Key differences between “acting” and acting for video games.
  • Discovering the tone of the game you are auditioning for.
  • Your first steps to help you “find” the character.
  • Your first steps to help you “find” the character.
  • What to do when there’s not given enough information
  • Actor questions that you must act in order to “nail it”
  • Character shortcuts to save you time, energy and aggravation
  • Tips to make it believable . . . one of the keys to your success
  • The Less Is More secret.
  • Organic vs. Natural - what it means and why it’s important.
  • Learn to be your own director.
  • What’s a Character book?
  • What about accents?
  • Auditioning tips to dramatically increase your chances for getting cast.
  • How to create a great demo.
  • What you MUST do AFTER you book the job.
  • Social media secrets every voice actor must know and understand.
  • Being a gamer is not a prerequisite for a career as a video game voice actor.
To Give You an Idea of What These Video Contain . . . Watch Below!

Who Should NOT Get These Videos?

If you think you know everything about how to get into and succeed in the Video Game field as a voice actor, this program is NOT for you!


If you try this program and within the first 30 days you don’t honestly feel you’ve received all that you’ve paid for, just ask for a refund. We’ll give it to you pronto!

What Others Are Saying About Dave Fennoy and His Teaching:

I attended Dave's Character workshop at the Voice Actors Studio in Henderson, NV. last year and what an informative, fun and entertaining weekend it was.  We all enjoyed Mr. Fennoy's wisdom, experience and direction in and out of the booth, as it helped us to add knowledge, of how to create a voice for a particular character, we may be voicing, for our toolbox.

I'm looking forward to him returning to Vegas for his next workshop, so I may learn and enjoy, even more insight, from this master coach of character voicing.

Dave Smith

How Much for the Access to the Streaming Videos of this Event?

$197! That’s it! And, you have access to the videos forever! You can watch them over and over again to get ever bit of knowledge you can possibly extract. And, you’ll want to do just that!

It won’t be quite as good as being there, but  . . . pretty darned close!

AND, to sweeten this pot EVEN MORE, there is better news. Every time I do this program, whether it is live or via webinar, I will add those videos to the members area you are gaining access to!

This means that you will have access to 10+ hours MORE each time I do this event. Normally, I will do it at least TWICE A YEAR. So . . . you'll be getting TONS of value her for under $100!

You’ll get all the information that folks who attended live. It’s like getting a Masters Degree in Video Game Performance.

Your understanding of how to break into and succeed in this business will take a giant leap forward!

You’ll get over 10 hours of information packed video content about how to crack into and succeed in the exciting world of doing voice over for video games.

And, as an added bonus (as if you even need on at this point!), you’ll get 10% off your attendance at a future Dave Fennoy weekend event like this one!

I know this business. There is a lot of misinformation out there. Why not get the real scoop? Here it is! 

Get it now!

What Others Are Saying About Dave Fennoy:

Dave Fennoy is not only a consummate voice actor, but he's an excellent coach.  Listen to what he asks you to do and you'll find yourself in new territory that you didn't think you had in you!

Jack de Golia

What Others Are Saying About Dave:

I had the pleasure of taking Dave Fennoy's workshop last fall at the Voice Actors Studio in Vegas.  Not only was Dave entertaining, he offered great tips for succeeding in the industry, provided incredible 1:1 coaching to each of the participants, and encouraged and celebrated as we each developed our character abilities over the course of the workshop.  Dave was gracious, funny, and kind.  His workshop is terrific.

Kath Crumrine, Professional Voice Actor - Copyright 2016 - All Rights Reserved
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